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Coulsdon West Residents' Association Annual General Meeting page.

February 11th 2021 Update.

The 71st Annual General Meeting will be held using Zoom on
Tuesday 9th March at 7pm.

Delayed from May last year, this AGM will cover the activities of the Association for the year 2019.

Sadly, for practical reasons, attendance will be limited to members with internet connectivity.

Neither a microphone nor a camera are required to take part.

An invite to the AGM and the agenda can be found here (opens in new page).

Minutes for the previous AGM can be found here (opens in new page).

Going Forward

Following this AGM, the new committee will begin the process of running the Association, and once settled in to their positions, there will be newsletters to put together, and, of course, the next AGM!

It is hoped that as the rollout of the Covid vaccines continues apace, it might be possible to return to a normal AGM in the summer of 2021, which will held "in person" at a church hall.

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