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Planning News: here are some recent issues that affect our area

Whilst the proposals to change the national planning system are currently on hold (April 2022), there are other threats to the leafy streets of Coulsdon...
... The Local Plan Review.

The Croydon Local Plan (2018)

The Croydon Local Plan (2018) is the lowest-level planning guide; it sits below the London Plan (2021), which in turn sits below the National Planning Policy Framework (2021).
All planning applications have to comply with all of these documents, and they are all reviewed periodically.

Croydon Council thought that it would be a great idea to perform its local plan review just before a local election (May 2022), and to this end, they issued their proposals towards the end of 2021.

CWRA joined forces with many other RAs in the borough to generate a joint response to the proposals - largely opposing much of the content, and this has recently been submitted.

Fortunately, the council has now heeded the calls from many quarters; not only Residents' Associations, but many of the candidates standing for the position of the Democratically Elected Mayor have managed to persuade the Council how incredibly un-democratic such timing would be.

The submission of the new local plan will be delayed until after June, giving whoever takes control in May, the chance to re-visit the work.
Now that Jason Perry has been elected as Executive mayor, we await developments.

Have Your Say

For advice on how to view and make comments on any of these planning applications, download our 'how to object' notes here (opens in new page).

To go to the council website, to see all 'live' applications for planning permission click here.

If you can't get through, the website is quite flaky, and might be down for hours or days (at the weekend) at a time.

Recent requests for planning permission, and their status:

3 houses at rear of 3-7 Julien Road Coulsdon, 22/02125/FUL.....Yet to be heard.
8 flats at 103, Woodcote Grove Road, 21/05836/FUL..................Refused, gone to appeal.
6 flats at 29 Hollymeoak Road, 21/05084/FUL............................Refused, gone to appeal.
9 flats in 2 blocks at 25, Woodfield Hill, 22/00655/FUL.............Yet to be heard.
9 dwellings in 3 blocks at 27 Woodfield Hill, 21/01340/FUL......Yet to be heard.
9 dwellings in 3 blocks at 27, The Grove, 20/06661/FUL............Granted, March 2022.
Block of 8 flats at 25, The Grove, 21/04028/FUL........................Granted,February 2022.
7-storey block of 39 flats at 1-3 South Drive, 20/01397/FUL......Refused July 2021, now at appeal.
Block of 8 flats at 36 Fairdene Road, 21/01089/FUL...................Refused Sept 2021, now at appeal.
Block of 20 flats at 5 Smitham Downs Road, 20/05370/FUL......Refused Sept 2021, now at appeal.
Block of 9 flats at 7, Bramley Avenue, 20/06602/OUT................Refused at appeal, Sept 2021.

For further information, please send an email to us at

New UK Planning System changes are on hold.

The UK government had proposed major changes to the way that the planning process works.
CWRA and other Croydon residents' associations were against the changes, and submitted objections to both elements (details below).

For reference, the documents and their responses may be viewed by visiting these government webpages:

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